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Mother and Daughter

Empowered Girl

You want your daughter to feel prepared and excited for her cycle.


You want her to know the things you WISH you had known when you were her age.


You want her to feel empowered and know how she can use her CYCLICAL SUPERPOWERS to her advantage, not feel like being a girl is a disadvantage.


You want to create an opportunity for bonding during this time of change, when our kids often start to become distant.  


In this 4 week online mother/daughter  group experience, geared to ages 8-13, we will cover topics like:

  • what is a period?

  • Signs that it's on its way

  • Phases of the cycle

  • Healthier chemical free product choices 

  • Period tracking

  • How food affects our hormones and how to choose foods to nourish us based on our cycle

  • Improving mental health and learning how to manage stress well

Your daughter will have confidence and a sense of ease about the changes she is beginning to experience, (and might even get excited for this new phase she is entering!)

I guarantee you mothers out there will even learn some new things about your cycle that you didn’t learn when you were younger that will support you, your energy and your relationship with your daughter.

What’s included:


-4  interactive group coaching sessions (60-90 minutes each) with time for Q&A

-Fun, yummy, and healthy recipes that you can make together, or she can make on her own

-many other resources, such as product recommendations, non-toxic living guide, access to discounted professional grade supplements, weekly challenges/activities, DIY ideas

-bonus EFT tapping video that you can go back to.

I’m Mandy LeBlanc. I’m a hormone nutritionist who specializes in cyclical health, an EFT practitioner and coach for mothers and daughters. I love teaching mother/daughter pairs about holistic health and how they can use generational wisdom to change their health, and their relationships with each other.

 I couldn't be more excited to share this empowering information that I wish we had all learned at this age!


Price:  $247

A 4 week mother-daughter program to EMPOWER and EDUCATE your tween about her feminine cycle

Embrace Your Feminine Super Powers - Free Download

Are you excited to learn more about your Feminine Superpowers and easy ways to nourish your body throughout the different phases of your cycle?  

My Cycle Syncing and Seed Cycling Guide is a great place to start leaning into cyclical living with easy to implement lifestyle and nutrition strategies!  

Empowering women through Holistic Hormone Healing
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