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Optimal Health

Resources for your you & your home

My Favourite Wellness Products

Using pure and clean products on our bodies and in our homes is crucial to health and healing.

As a hormone coach, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve optimal health and balance through natural means. That's why I use and trust only the best natural products. 

This kit has everything you need to do an easy heatless, less-mess, reusable Castor Oil Pack at home. ​

Be sure to use discount   MANDYLEBLANCWELLNESS10

Queen of The Thrones Castor Oil Packs

As someone who believes in the power of natural remedies, I use and love doTERRA essential oils to help achieve overall wellness. Essential oils can be a fantastic addition to a healthy lifestyle, and I'm excited to share their benefits with you.

Doterra Essential Oils

Over 2,800 ingredients are never used in our formulations—we call this The Never List™—and we go above and beyond to screen every ingredient against our high standards in pursuit of clean beauty.


Hi, I'm Mandy

Mandy LeBlanc

I believe in a sustainable, natural approach to healing the body for true lasting relief from PMS, painful periods, and other cycle related issues. I also believe that when we learn how to nourish our bodies and cycles, it creates a ripple effect of generational wisdom that gets passed down women and girls moving forward!

Empowering women through Holistic Hormone Healing
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