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1:1 EFT Tapping

Tapping is a highly effective somatic and energetic tool that combines traditional counseling, acupressure, and energy work.  It can be used for many different challenges and is excellent for stress management as well as transforming distressing feelings, self-limiting beliefs, and non-optimal behaviour.  It is also a powerful tool for integrating new positive emotions, expansive beliefs, and optimal behaviours.

Tapping involves pressing acupressure points that have been studied to have a significant impact on the central nervous system and how the body responds to information and manages stress.


Available in 3 or 5 session packages. 

Sessions are 60-90 minutes



$155 Single session

$450/ 3 sessions

$750/ 5 Sessions


Book a connection call to see how I can help best!

These sessions are highly personalized for you to achieve the breakthroughs that you’ve been desiring!

Embrace Your Feminine Super Powers - Free Download

Are you excited to learn more about your Feminine Superpowers and easy ways to nourish your body throughout the different phases of your cycle?  

My Cycle Syncing and Seed Cycling Guide is a great place to start leaning into cyclical living with easy to implement lifestyle and nutrition strategies!  

Empowering women through Holistic Hormone Healing
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