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Mother and Daughter

Hormone Harmony;

Your Blueprint to Balanced Wellness

Mandy LeBlanc Wellness

There is no need to struggle with period and hormonal discomforts anymore. I will help you by providing a holistic blueprint for day to day strategies that lead to balanced hormones and a healthy, symptom-free period. 

1:1 Health Coaching

If you’re struggling with your own hormonal/ period issues, digestive disturbances, or have a daughter with difficult cycles that you want to help with a holistic approach, my health coaching approach may be perfect for you. Take the first step to feeling great!

EFT Tapping

Tapping is a highly effective somatic and energetic tool that combines traditional counseling, acupressure, and energy work. It can be used for many different challenges and is excellent for stress management & more.


I am dedicated to providing programs that help you make sustainable changes, feel your best, and improve your quality of life. Choose from our range of programs that are tailored to give you the knowledge you need to balance your hormones.

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Embrace Your Feminine Super Powers

Are you excited to learn more about your Feminine Superpowers and easy ways to nourish your body throughout the different phases of your cycle?  

My FREE Cycle Syncing and Seed Cycling Guide is a great place to start leaning into cyclical living with easy to implement lifestyle and nutrition strategies!  

Hi, I'm Mandy

Mandy LeBlanc

I believe in a sustainable, natural approach to healing the body for true lasting relief from PMS, painful periods, and other cycle related issues. I also believe that when we learn how to nourish our bodies and cycles, it creates a ripple effect of generational wisdom that gets passed down women and girls moving forward!

Empowering women through Holistic Hormone Healing

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“My daughter knows so much more about what’s going on in her body and mind!  She loved how calming your voice was during the tapping meditation!"


Our daughter has suffered very bad eczema since she was a baby. We tried many things with many doctors but nothing worked. When we asked Mandy for help, we were really hopeless. Mandy took the time to find out about our lifestyle and eating habits. She was a great teacher giving clear explanations for her recommendations with her deep knowledge. Her recommendations were very realistic and manageable. She taught us what we need to get, where to buy, how to cook or use with many tips from her own experiences. And She really has changed our lives both physically and emotionally. We are now managing our daughter’s symptoms and her eczema hardly appears. Her skin is so smooth;  It made us so happy and relieved. Also, we all feel more energy and our sleeping has been great. Thank you Mandy, for bringing us a healthy lifestyle!


"Mandy’s expertise has significantly contributed to my increased energy levels, reduced stress, and an overall sense of well-being. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking comprehensive and effective nutritional guidance."


Wonderful experience. My daughter had a great time and she came home full of new information.

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